Bamboo Textiles NZ
Bamboo Textiles NZ

Photo of Extra Thick Socks
When you consider it, bamboo is a very logical choice of fibre for many items of clothing. As well as having excellent strength, shape stability, washability, colorfastness, shrink fastness and being exceptionally comfortable against the skin, bamboo fibre also boasts the following:

* Naturally bacteria inhibiting (find out more)
* Particularly absorbent and breathable
* Grown and manufactured without the use of harsh insecticides, serious pollutants or land degradation.

It is only in relatively recent times that the technology was developed to separate and utilise bamboo fibre for  textiles. Thousands of years ago China introduced silk to the world – made from the thread of the silkworm. This was a mighty development and to this day silk is still one of the highest quality fabrics available. Now China, also with inputs of technology from the West, has shown the world a new kind of fabric, equally fantastic and revolutionary – Bamboo Textiles.

Bamboo Textiles took this new textile fibre and trialled it for western conditions and lifestyles. The results were very successful and we selected the most needed items from the range we had developed and began distributing them commercially.

Beginning with extra-thick work socks, customers liked them so much and were back to buy more so quickly that an expected six month’s supply ran out in about two months. Now, many who have come to know the product are waiting impatiently for further bamboo textile products to become available. And in the meantime, bamboo has established a high quality name in the marketplace.

Bamboo Textiles is distributed exclusively in New Zealand by:
North Shore International Limited
Office address: 34 Hanlon Cres, Devonport, Auckland 0624
Email:      Phone: 09 4458371     Fax: 09 4458096
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